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The dairy community is creative and innovative. Dairy Strong brings farmers and allied professionals from diverse management philosophies together to focus on what matters. We work hard to provide content that is relevant, inspiring and entertaining at the annual conference. The Dairy Strong brand has expanded to include year-round activities, education opportunities and the Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance.

The Dairy Strong logos are intellectual property of the Dairy Business Association.  Employees, affiliates and authorized users must follow these guidelines when using the Dairy Strong logos. 

Logo usage & guidelines

Please respect the following guidelines:

Do Not…

  • Crop or separate the type or emblem (unless you have special permission).
  • Distort the dimensions of the logo.
  • Tint the logo.
  • Alter the color.

Other considerations…

  • Logo colors are Bimini blue (c73, m37, y0, k0), Olive (c46, m37, y88, k12), Fuchsia (c13, m82, y38, k0) and Cerulean (c80, m57, y29, k7).
  • Clear Space: Please try to incorporate clear space around the logo, preferably at a width of 33% of the height of the logo. This clear space does not have to be a white box.

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Dairy Strong logo

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2020 speakers

Dr. Kate Darling

Michael Parrish DuDell

Marin Bozic

Brett Sciotto

Colonel Nicole Malachowski

*Higher resolution images or.eps files available by request

Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance logos

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