Dairy sustainability webinar: Yahara Pride Farms composting partnership

The dairy sustainability “lunch and learn” series meets quarterly over the lunch hour to provide an overview of DBA and Edge’s involvement in sustainability projects across Wisconsin and highlights specific innovations currently underway. The first half hour will provide an overview of the Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance and the second half hour will spotlight Yahara […]

Dairy Strong 2019: Inspiring words, expert advice

The 2019 Dairy Strong conference drew together hundreds of farmers, business leaders and others for camaraderie, enlightenment, inspiration, updates and, of course, milk. Here’s a sampling of what the attendees heard: “A lot of people don’t want to get involved with something unless it benefits them. But it’s just the right thing to do.” — […]

Geopolitical view on trade: World needs U.S. more than vice versa

Even if world demographics and American isolationism turn the rest of the planet into a warring, famine-ridden wasteland with no workforce or customer base, the United States will be OK. But what about Wisconsin dairy? Author and speaker Peter Zeihan alternately scared the bejeezus out of a Dairy Strong conference audience and made it laugh […]

Panelists: Look for ways to add value to dairy business

When life gives you cow’s milk, make cheese curds. Or give tours. Or sell under someone else’s label. The name of the game in farming these days is value-added. And with all of the odds dairy farmers face, adding value is more than a game. “I always say that the difference between owning a farm […]

Presenter: Carry realistic expectations with new technology

When technology can help farmers, it’s worth the investment. But when it’s bad, it may as well be a cow patty. So, be wary. And do your research. “Don’t assume something that says it measures something is actually measuring what it says it’s measuring,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, speaking to attendees of a track breakout […]

McKinney: USMCA ‘huge win’ for ag market access

One of the country’s top agricultural trade officials talked NAFTA, Brexit and roquefort cheese with attendees of the Dairy Strong conference on Jan. 24. Speaking by Skype from Washington, D.C., Ted McKinney, who is the under secretary of agriculture for trade and foreign agricultural affairs, touted the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) as a […]

New DATCP secretary points to dairy’s struggles, strengths

The new leader of Wisconsin’s agriculture department acknowledged today’s struggles of dairy farms and other businesses, but also stressed the importance of the dairy community during an address Jan. 24 at the Dairy Strong conference. Dairy accounts for more than half of the state’s $88 billion annual agriculture economy, supporting a host of related businesses, […]

Dairy farmers hear about demonstrating ‘who we are’ from former Harley Davidson exec

The secret to worldwide consumer dominance isn’t about creating a product that has more bells and whistles than any other. After a certain level, top brands are pretty much the same, anyway. It’s about selling a concept. “Honda and Yamaha sell motorcycles; Harley sells freedom,” said Ken Schmidt, former communications director for Harley-Davidson USA, speaking […]

Thinking about a digester? Think it through

By Lee Reinsch for Dairy Strong John Haeckel of Madison is CEO of Clean Fuel Partners, which specializes in turning organic waste into fuel. His digester plant in Dane, Wis., is located between three farms and processes the manure from the farms, turning it into fuel. Haeckel doesn’t own cows or land and says he’s […]