2019 event photos

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative serving as the voice of milk

Economics Keynote – Peter Zeihan

State Legislative Keynote – Brad PfaffSecretary, Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Trade Keynote: Ted McKinney

Jess Peters, Spruce Row Farm & Katie Dotterer-Pyle, Cow Comfort Inn Dairy

Opening Keynote – Molly Fletcher

Dairy Strong emcee Betsy Jibben of AgDay

Wisconsin wine and cheese tasting and pairing stage

NEW: Wisconsin wine and cheese tasting and pairing stage

Revealing the benefits of precision technology on your dairy, Dr. Jeffrey Bewley, Alltech

Best approaches to managing employee risk and improving dairy business performance

Research roundup: Understanding our consumers, Hannah Thompson-Weeman, Animal Agriculture Alliance

Evening Keynote – Ken Schmidt 

Milk toast to John Pagel

Honoring John Pagel

Economics Keynote – Peter Zeihan

Value-added dairy: on-farm processing opportunities, challenges and insights.

Trade Keynote Ted McKinney

Evening Keynote – Ken Schmidt

DBA Advocate of the Year: Dean Strauss