2019 Dairy Strong terms and conditions

Cancellation Policy:  
If you must cancel your registration for any reason, please notify us in writing by December 26, 2018 for a refund of your registration fees paid, less a $50 processing fee (on paid registrations only. Comp registrations are exempt). A request for cancellation must be provided in writing by email to DairyStrong@executivevents.com. Cancellations after December 26 are non-refundable and paid attendees who do not attend or who cancel after the deadline of December 26, 2018 are liable for the entire fee.

Transfer Policy:  
You may transfer your registration to another person without incurring additional fees, if the requested transfer is received by January 1 in writing to DairyStrong@executivevents.com. However, if the requested transfer is received after January 1, such request will require payment of a $50 transfer fee.


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